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Jungseok ISGS

세계대학의 NEW BRAND 인하대학교의 수시모집과 관련된 정보를 제공합니다.

Why Jungseok International School of Global Studies

  • Universities are facing significant changes in educational requirements such as a need to supply competent leaders fitting to global market, a demand for convergence education of multidiscipline, and increasing importance of cultural understanding and communication skills. To respond to these requirements, Inha University opens Jungseok International School of Global Studies (Jungseok ISGS) which provides international students with opportunities to learn business and cultural contents, together with humanities during their academic years.
  • - Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies – this is a 4 year undergraduate program, requiring completion of ________ credits.
  • - Business Plus Culture – a broad spectrum of courses are offered in business, logistics, international trade, and cultural studies.
  • - Internship Opportunities with Korean Companies – During the students’ 4th year, students can elect internship courses and earn credits
      toward graduation.
  • - Learn English and Korean – All courses are taught in English. Of course, languages courses for learning Korean are taught in Korean!